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机械 Training Solutions

Hawkeye’s comprehensive mechanical training solutions at the 自动化 and 机器人 Center combine the knowledge and skills of our industry-trained instructors with the Amatrol learning management system (LMS) which features world-class online curriculum, 技能评估, and real-world components for the best skill-building possibilities.

机械 training covers the absolute fundamentals of industry and advanced manufacturing training such as mechanical drives, 泵, mechanical fabrication, 索具, and central lubrication. These applications are used in agricultural, 制药, 汽车, and power generation industries.


Our wide range of courses is supported by interactive eLearning and hands-on skill procedures that engage the learners and provide them with the training they need to be successful. All eLearning components are available 24/7. 

Below are a few of our most common mechanical training topics.

  • 机械驱动
  • Pumps - Operation and 维护
  • 机械 Fabrication
  • 索具
  • 集中润滑

We have an unmatched range and depth of training solutions, but we can also cater to the diverse needs of our customers by designing training programs and solutions specifically tailored to their needs.


Our career and technical education courses and programs are designed to address the shortage of skilled workers by training current and future employees in the technologies needed to excel in the automated and connected manufacturing environment.

The Center offers a number of advantages including:

  • Trainers built for manufacturing training
  • Equipment built with the exact standards as industrial equipment
  • Curriculum with labs to apply knowledge
  • Labs derived from industry practices
  • Certificate upon completion of classwork or modules from industry-recognized leaders including FANUC, 罗克韦尔, and the Smart 自动化 Certification Alliance (SACA)


Our team is prepared to provide more information about our training solutions and help you determine how this training environment and its offerings can benefit your business. Reach out to our team by completing the form below, 发邮件我们, or calling 319-296-4447.

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